Erfurt is starting the summer! You can experience that on Tuesday in the city center

Erfurt is starting the summer! You can experience that on Tuesday in the city center
Erfurt is starting the summer! You can experience that on Tuesday in the city center

Erfurt is the capital of the Free State of Thuringia. With 214,000 inhabitants, it is the largest city in the federal state. Erfurt was first mentioned in a document in connection with the establishment of the diocese in 742.

Erfurt. As soon as the last booth of the Kramerbruckenfest has been dismantled, the next early summer event in Erfurt is already on the agenda ! After two years of Corona break, the city center is again taken over by the “Fête de la musique”.

This year 38 artists have registered for the festival in Erfurt . You can find out who is participating and where you can see them here.

Erfurt: “Fete de la musique” once again welcomes summer in the city

The “Fête de la musique” takes place every year at the beginning of summer on June 21st. In the last two years, however, there was nothing to be seen in downtown Erfurt – thanks Corona! This year, various artists welcome the summer with their music in 500 cities worldwide. In Thuringia, in addition to Erfurt, Gera and Apolda are also taking part.

The contributors do not receive a fee. The music is all free – the whole festival has no financial intentions. It’s about summer, music and conviviality. The party in Erfurt is organized by Wolfgang Beese and other cultural workers, reports the city.

This is the program of the “Fête de la musique” in Erfurt:

  • Allerheiligenstraße: Open work (courtyard)
    • international stage
  • Andreasstraße: Andreaskavalier ab 17Uhr
    • A.C. – Finest unplugged Music
  • Anger: am Lutherdenkmal
    • from 5.30 p.m.: Joon Wolfsberg, ash grey
  • Anger: Dacheröden house (window)
    • Josi, Sanner, Georges le Chanteur, Lewia, Robert Wildfeuer
  • House Dacheröden (courtyard)
    • from 3.30 p.m. Children’s program, SINGSANG, Natalia Kotyuk
  • Barefoot Ruins
    • MBP & Magma, Out of State, Everlong, Anger77
  • Benediktsplatz
    • Tast’n Dieter, Psycho & Ska Funk’L, Georges le Chanteur, Die Waffellobby, Marmot Family, Sellout Alley
  • Berliner Platz: at the Avogan restaurant
    • Dodge City Homegrown, Hossein Ghaedi, Ramm Tamm Tilda (duo)
  • Brühl garden
    • The Federal Association of Music Lessons LV Thuringia invites school ensembles to give concerts – whether big band, choir, orchestra, band, dance or percussion group.
  • Domplatz: Hilgenfeld
    • lismou, gundi_menk, rezi, mighty poki, future grl, charles, Tast’n Dieter
  • Cathedral Square: Venice
    • Crepes Sucettes, Anika with Cinnamon, Frostbite, Birdhouse, Hinrich Schmock & the low expectations, MADITHA
  • fish market
    • from 5 p.m.: The punk rock campfire, half colors, those foxy mullygrub kids
  • Great Ark: In front of the Wedding House
    • String School, MakaBar, Saitensprung, Suddenly, The Juke, SINGSANG
  • Hirschgarten: In front of the comic café
    • Alexandra Koball & Andrés Tatangelo, Sanner, Stromer, Gerd Krambehr, Galaxy
  • Guardian alley: in front of Café Füchse
    • My Music Company
  • Kirchhofsgasse/Allerheiligenstraße: Eburg
    • Nthirteen, Fanny Louise, Confirmation, Magma & MBP, Sellout Alley
  • Little Ark: in front of the Rue wine bar
    • Georges le Chanteur, The Sunny Side, Ingo Boogie & the Backbeat 5’s, CAT HENTSCHELMANN, Benjamin Bruder, Ludwig’s ROCKEFÄLLER
  • Kreuzgasse: In front of Goldhelm
    • Joyce November, MuShinKa Projekt, Dream the Rest OK, A&O, Emma Bräuer
  • Johannestrasse: In front of the Café Wilder Mann
    • varied guitar music, Matthias Buttgereit, sound productive, Robert Wildfeuer, The Horses (Neil Young Cover Band)
  • Johannesstraße 17: opposite Spirits & More
    • Heroes of Heartbeat 2.0 and guests
  • Johannesstraße 9: La Kultura
    • Full Colour Scene
  • Klostergang: Kulturquartier
    • Anthony – Maria wants to dance, seat disco, Martin Hübner
  • Long bridge: corkscrew
    • Voice ‘n Fun, Saxophone Duo „S.&W.“, WannaBee, Annekatrine Gentzel, BellProductive, AnDia
  • Löberstrasse: Franz Mehlhose
    • Rasen, Ampersand (Maria Antonia Schmidt & Alex Smalley), Markus Mascher, Estrela, DJ Foamy & Open Decks (bring your favorite records)
  • Market Street: in front of the Nerly
    • Donata, Eule Müller, Vibration Syndicate, Spark of Hope, Scurra
  • Paulstraße: Paulinchen
    • DJMØK
  • Petersberg: Glashütte
    • MONASTICKID, LUU, MIKROBI, DJ STIBBE (Haifischbar/Vinylkultur)
  • Pilsen: before the Redroxx
    • Triptophan, Carnival Kid, Free Culture Caravan
  • Rieth: Vilnius Passage
    • Ramm Tamm Tilda (duo), Dodge City Homegrown, Hossein Ghaedi
  • Stadtpark
    • Kitchen 80, Patrick Börsch, Lennox, Louis Pitar, Pele
  • Castle Bridge
    • Salon Quartet, Erfurt Senioriker, Emma Bräuer, Dulcimer Folk, Holger Bloßfeldt
  • Talstrasse: Fritzer Youth Center
    • Acoustic-Jam im Instrumentengarten
  • Venice (meadow)
    • 38Hz-Collective
  • Weighing alley: memory
    • from 4.30 p.m.: Thalea Amthor, Rambazamba, Anika with cinnamon, Frozen Rain, Jan Haasler, Pelican Rex
  • Waagegasse: Old synagogue
    • from 7.15 p.m. Klezmer jam band
  • few market
    • Das NEUWERK, Tast’n Dieter, Benjamin Bruder, SollbruchSTELLE, HEiKE, The Mandev Connection
  • Willy-Brandt-Platz: In front of the Willy B.
    • from 5 p.m.: Crêpes Sucettes, the waffle lobby, CAT HENTSCHELMANN
  • To the freight depot: Kalif Storch
    • w / Existence, comfort noise, Franz! (Caliph Storch, Muna Music)
  • Paulstraße 31 – Herzbar
    • hartaberhertzlich

And of course, as every year, after the party is before the party! In the evening, the celebrations continue in many pubs in the city.

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