She introduces her child Emme with gender-neutral pronouns

She introduces her child Emme with gender-neutral pronouns
She introduces her child Emme with gender-neutral pronouns

Jennifer Lopez not only attracted attention with her spectacular show: the singer surprisingly brought her child Emme on stage and introduced it with non-binary pronouns.

On June 16, 2022, the Blue Diamond Gala took place in Los Angeles for the sixth time, which is hosted every year by the professional baseball team “LA Dodgers” for a good cause. There Jennifer Lopez , 52, warmed up the audience with a brilliant show and also caused a surprise when she welcomed her child Emme, 14, on stage.

Jennifer Lopez: Kind Emme identifies as non-binary

It’s no longer a secret that Emme has a wonderful voice and feels comfortable on the big stage. After all, the Lopez offspring already inspired at the Super Bowl halftime show 2020 with a joint appearance with Mama Jennifer. So it’s no wonder that J.Lo is once again turning to her child for support. At the Blue Diamond Gala, the pop star announced Emme with words that were as loving as they were humorous, as “Page Six” reports. She stressed that she was constantly asking Emme to perform with her, but her child was “very busy, fully booked and expensive”.

As she introduces Emme, Lopez notices that she uses the English gender-neutral pronouns “they/them” when talking about her child. These pronouns are mainly used by non-binary people who don’t feel they belong to either the male or female gender. So Emme appears to identify as non-binary, which mom Jennifer is clearly respecting with this announcement.

Emotional performance by J.Lo and Emme

Emme ended up taking the stage in a pink shirt with matching shorts and a black cap to cheers from the audience.

The mother-child duo sang Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years,” a soulful song that highlighted the love between Lopez and her offspring. During the performance, they repeatedly hugged each other. Emme chose a rainbow-colored microphone for the performance, with which the teenager makes a strong statement.

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