This is pure money making!

This is pure money making!
This is pure money making!

Netflix turns the socially vital collection “Squid Game” into a truth show. Our writer Janina Bauer believes that the business is mocking its very own content with this.

The South Korean collection “Squid Game” is Netflix’s greatest success to date. With allegedly harmless kids’s video games, they play versus each various other for a double-digit million quantity.

It appears ruthless, and also it is. A large part of the criticism against the series is based on this. However with its overstated image of a capitalized and rotten culture, it hits the nerve of the moments. The Korean makers incorporate social criticism with amazing fiction. That is precisely what her art consists of. Due to the fact that at the end of the day, the series is simply that: fiction. Made to amuse, however additionally meant to share something much deeper to the customers.

Netflix now desires to turn fiction into reality. Last week, alongside the second season, the streaming business also introduced a fact program based on the series: 456 genuine individuals are said to be dealing with for a prize of $4.56 million. The largest social experiment or instead the greatest shower of gold for Netflix?

Netflix has actually profited greatly from the very first season: According to the Bloomberg news agency, “Squid Game” has actually generated almost $ 900 million up until now – with production expenses of just $ 21.4 million. From a totally service point of view, the manufacturing of a second period is evident. “Fair sufficient” – since numerous followers worldwide will definitely enjoy about it.

Making a truth show out of it, nonetheless, is pure moneymaking. The decision-makers at Netflix seem to have ignored the truth that the serious core of their very own material is being mocked. You have to provide one debt: they do not fire the losers, they let them escape active.

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